Design, Consultation & Planning

The foundation to a successful landscape is the design.  Lafayette Tree & Landscape Inc. can help guide you through the preliminary design process and create a working, cost-effective solution to your dream garden.   We take a holistic approach to designing any garden, and take all aspects of the project into consideration.

CAD Drafting:

Using cutting-edge software our designers are capable of creating full-scale plans with extreme clarity and precision.  Our attention to detail and passion for excellence smoothly guides the transition from concept in the design phase to creation in the construction phase.


Consultation & Recommendations:

Since Lafayette Tree & Landscape Inc. employs a horticulturalist, certified arborist, certified water manager, and licensed pest control applicators, we are able to advise and identify deficiencies in current landscapes.  Consultation services can used in conjunction with the design/build process or contracted for advisement only.

Permits & Planning:

Dealing with permits and local regulations can be a daunting task for someone who is not familiar with the process. Let Lafayette Tree & Landscape Inc. take the hassle off your hands and deal with the necessary permits and planning with your city. Increasing construction regulations and building codes make it crucial for homeowners to hire contractors that are licensed and experienced in the landscape building process.



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